On Sundays We Gather

 On Sundays we gather.   Join us for worship at 10:45 a.m. every Sunday at Wesley United Methodist  Church located at 4600 60th Street in Kenosha.  We gather for song, community, the Word, and communion each week. It is a place for all people, no matter who you are or what joys or weights you bring. We share in community with all, just like Jesus did.  If you can’t join us in person, stream live with us right here! Even if your schedule means you have to watch at a different time or day. We’re one Church through the Spirit!  Fill out the virtual contact card and let us know you’re with us virtually! 

Virtual Connection Card
What to Expect

 Many churches feel like you need a pre-flight instruction manual to figure out when you’re supposed to stand, sit, etc. If you’ve ever visited a congregation and found yourself quickly scanning the bulletin to see what lies ahead, you know what we mean. Spirit Alive! tries to intentionally shift that. We invite everyone to simply BE in our space. It doesn’t matter if you come with a background in contemporary Christian worship, have roots in the Catholic Mass, or have never been in a church before. We are a place where all people can find a home in a community that gathers to worship and serve God together. 

Welcome As You Are

 Welcome as you are. We really mean that. You might go to church every week or haven’t been in a long time. You might be filled with joy or need to be carried in on a stretcher into God’s ward. You might have no idea why you are coming but felt a tug. There’s space for you.   Spirit Alive! is also a Reconciling in Christ community. That’s a fancy way of saying ALL people, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, economic status, etc., are welcomed and affirmed in our community. 


Ground and Flow

 We ground our worship in relationship with Christ and one another. We seek to feel God’s call for us as disciples, leaning into the gift of God’s grace which overflows through us into the world. Though the order changes from time to time, the core of our flow is around music, God’s Word in scripture and preaching, and communion. Our theological underpinning is in Lutheran theology, but our worship is accessible to all believers. 


 Sometimes called the Love Feast or the Eucharist, we share communion at every worship. Why? Well, the short answer is we believe we encounter God physically in the bread and wine. It is tangible Grace because Jesus promised to meet us in the meal.   At Spirit Alive! EVERYONE is welcome to come to the table. There are no requirements, no proper age, no union card you have to flash. Jesus said come. We invite you to taste and see that God is good.  

Contemporary Worship

 Our worship is led by a praise band. We sing contemporary Christian rock, which is similar to music you’d hear on KLOVE or another Christian radio station. We project the words on the screen, so no need to fumble with bulletins or hymnals. We invite you to sing praises to God as much as you want  or let the grace found in music wash over you. 


What To Wear

 Spirit Alive! believes we come to God how we are, and that includes the clothes we wear. Most of us show up in a range from t-shirt and jeans to a nice dress shirt and slacks. Depending on the season, you’ll see a good deal of Packers or Bears gear in the space. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and like you can approach Christ, that’s what we hope you come in. 

What About My Children?

If you prefer for your little ones to have more child-directed time, we have both our Children’s Education during worship for grades 4k-5th grade and a staffed nursery for the newborn through toddler ages.