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For decades, Michele's church home was at an evangelical Bible church.  But midway through the 2010's, that foundation was shaking beneath her. 

Michele says this was not "a crisis of faith for her, but a crisis of humanity."  The folks she loved were not the people she thought they were.  The issues were personal and painful: Christian nationalism, mask politics, Covid unrealities, social injustice, conspiracy theories, the ever-degrading treatment of women, and ignoring those in our society "who are the most in need" were all forming wedges between Michele and her faith community.  

She and husband, Bill (pictured with Michele), made the decision to leave their church, and she experienced a "deep, deep, deep sadness" about the separation from a community she deeply cared about. It left her broken and searching for wholeness again.

Knowing she needed healing and a church that would validate her feelings and be the loving Christ-led body she longed for, she reached out to her friend, Ann Livermore.  Ann invited her and Bill to experience Spirit Alive! through a book study and, eventually, worship.

At the first service they attended, Pastor Kevin welcomed all with words of love, equality, and genuine welcome.  "It was life changing" Michele says, "I cried through the first 2 songs.  I did not know that a church like Spirit Alive! even existed."  Nearly a year later, she and Bill continue to find new community at Spirit Alive!

"I have new, deeper, and more meaningful conversations with my adult children about the wounds we carry from our years in our previous churches, and where God is taking us next.  I trust that God is leading me in this journey, and that I now have a new worldview thanks to the ministry here at Spirit Alive!”

The relationships and generosity of the community of Spirit Alive! made it possible for Michele to find a place she can grow alongside others in faith. Thank you to all who make this vital ministry possible!