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Ann and Stan Livermore were hungry for a liturgical community that was open and affirming of all people and celebrated their place as beloved children of God. 

 After years attending an Evangelical Bible, their newly out, gay son was removed from youth group leadership after he came out to his pastor.  "We were devastated," Stan said.  "We had no idea that our church would close its doors and heart to our son." 

 Feeling a disconnect from a congregational family left the Livermore's isolated, afraid of the future, and a bit angry.  Finding Spirit Alive! was a God moment! 

 Not long after becoming regulars at Spirit Alive!, where an "all are welcome" message was already the norm, they became involved in introducing the Reconciling in Christ process to the congregation, a process through which congregations officially proclaim an welcome and safe stance for all of God's beloved, especially LGBTQIA+ people and others with marginalized identities.  Stan still recalls the day Ann made a presentation to the congregation encouraging support for RIC, including a slideshow story of their son and his life.  He labels it the most powerful memory he has of his many years at Spirit Alive. 

The second most powerful still comes "with goosebumps" on the day the congregation, not long after Ann's shared story, voted unanimously to embrace the RIC status.  Spirit Alive! told them, in no uncertain terms, that "Christ's love and sacrifice were for all," Ann said. Stan continued, "The near weekly welcome at the start of worship that defines this welcoming aspect of our identity is a warm balm for our souls." 

The Livermore's thank God, and the people of Spirit Alive!, for their presence and commitment to deliver God to their family and to the community... no doors closed, no strings attached.

The energy and generosity of the community of Spirit Alive! make it possible to create a safe and welcoming place for all God’s people to find Christ and healthy relationships. Thank you to all who make this vital ministry possible!