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More folks find a congregation to call home by being invited by a friend than in any other way. Heid was one of those folks. A neighbor told her about Spirit Alive! back around 2005, when she had just adopted Samantha and was looking for a church home that featured contemporary worship.  

18 years later, Heidi is known as a valued leader and a hard worker, who is a steady volunteer for Spirit Alive! and community causes. She is particularly motivated by her work at Grace Welcome Center, the ELCA Outreach Center (where she serves weekly), tutoring at Brass School, and her role on SALT. She treasures our Youth Program and is thankful for Sam's time being a part of it. She fondly recalls the "youth meeting at Donna Jensen's home and all the meaningful and fun" activities hosted there.

When asked what is on the horizon for Spirit Alive that excites her, she holds up RIC and Pride Fest saying it is "awful that some people are excluded" from church. She is also excited about the upcoming move and has assisted with visiting and evaluating some potential spaces for the congregation to consider with the Space Force 2 subgroup of shoppers.

It is said there are showhorses and workhorses. Heidi is a Spirit Alive workhorse, living up to her calling in Kenosha.