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 Margie Breckenfeld had been looking for a church home “for quite a few years" when she came to Spirit Alive! Though she had been part of a smattering of churches of different shapes and sizes, it was important to her and to her view of what church should be to find a church focused on what she calls "local ministry;” a church that was hungry to spread the gospel through action.  

As Margie searched, her old high school friend, Ann Livermore, shared that she and Stan had found such a community. This church worshipping in a school gym was oriented outward, partnering with ELCA Outreach, Congregations United to Serve Humanity, and others. Margie decided she would visit this community, and quickly became a mainstay at Spirit Alive!  

Margie lifts praise to God as she has both seen and taken an active role in Spirit Alive! continuing to strengthen its community connections. She has been a leader in connecting Spirit Alive! and Grace Welcome Center through the gardening team. She dreams of expanding the “community connection" of the garden to also be a community hub, where the neighborhood and Spirit Alive! community can foster new relationships.  

She is also excited for all the ways Spirit Alive! intends to continue building authentic relationships. Through the True North process, she can’t wait for the building up of small groups and the doubling-down on the church’s commitment to being a safe place for LGBTQIA+ individuals. "Truly embracing, not just accepting" our LGBTQIA siblings touches her heart.  "As Pastor Kevin has said, ‘We need to walk the walk.’"   

God’s call to Margie has also included four years as SALT president.  She recalls answering Pastor Kevin's question, why do you want to be president, by saying that she believed God wanted her to be. "The time I devoted to considering it always told me yes. I could be the organizing and peace-promoting leader needed."  She smiled as she recalled Pastor Sue encouraging her to accept the role.  Margie's "I can do all with God's help" attitude acts as the linchpin of her faith, and she is so thankful to be surrounded by people hungry to make a difference in the world through the gospel.  

Our mission at Spirit Alive! is to build relationships with God and neighbor through inclusive, welcoming, authentic love. We value everyone’s story as integral to this community. Thank you for making Spirit Alive! the amazing community it is!