WHAT TO EXPECT | Our Culture

Well, here at Spirit Alive we are not much concerned with dressing in a specific way, maintaining certain rituals that no longer make any sense, or with encouraging the same political party or ideology. In fact, we celebrate that God created us to be unique, that Jesus speaks to us in different ways, and the Spirit challenges each of us in new and exciting ways. 

We do our best to welcome everyone although we know that all of us can do better at that. We strive to learn about God’s work and gift to us through the Bible, never shying away from the truly difficult, messy and uncomfortable questions. We find that God’s presence and message is best experienced through community, prayer, serving others (as well as each other), and sharing our resources. 

Whatever you think of church, God, or Christians, you are always welcome here in this community of people to challenge and question, learn, and explore, worship or observe, disagree or agree. This is the essence of what it means to be community...always welcoming of all people.


  • Coffee...need we say more?
  • A totally laid back “come as you are” atmosphere (jeans, shorts or whatever...just wear something)
  • Great Music in a style you probably recognize from the radio or iPod
  • A relevant message that actually applies to life in this digital, electronic, over-networked world we live in
  • Fun (and safe) environment for kids and youth to learn about Jesus
  • Normal people...yeah, we are just as normal as you are (whatever that means)


Yeah...everyone is invited to come on Sunday mornings as we gather to worship, learn something, and maybe even experience God. Except there is one problem...worshiping, learning something, and experiencing God doesn’t happen only on Sunday morning. It happens everywhere...

We invite you to gather with us on Sunday for worship, but we encourage you to 'plug in' to a group...look at the "Ministries" tab above for Small Groups...there will be more information there.