• We believe that God created all things. 
  • We believe that Jesus, God’s Son, walked this earth, ministered and taught, was killed and came back to life.
  • We believe that the Spirit is at work today, always has been and always will be.


Simply put, we believe that creation (God’s creation...including us) is good but somehow and in some way is also broken. Through Jesus the process of restoration and redemption are possible because of the resurrection. The Spirit works in us and through us (and sometimes in spite of us), guiding us to participate with God in this restoration of creation, making all things new.

God loves us. God forgives us. God accepts us. God welcomes us. God has no boundaries or limits and neither does God’s grace.

Spirit Alive is a Lutheran Church and part of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). For more information on the ELCA, feel free to visit the website by clicking here

Spirit Alive is an open and affirming congregation of all people regardless of race, ethnicity or sexual orientation or identity.



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